IPT Program

IPT Program of Pain Institute of Spain

Learn the latest techniques in interventional pain management

“Interventional Pain Training Program” is a personalized program developed by the Faculty of the “Pain Institute of Spain”, which aims to acquire and deepen theoretical and practical knowledge in the interventional management of pain.


The program is focused to national and foreign physicians interested in improving their knowledgement in the main analgesic interventional techniques: radiofrequency, therapeutic blocks, neurolytic blocks, cryoanalgesia, intradiscal procedures, spinal infusion and spinal, peripheral and dorsal root ganglion stimulation.


The format is face-to-face with an intensive nature, offering an optional duration between 1 and 2 weeks, where the physician can observe first-hand the interventional management of patients undergoing these treatments.

Online Program in Pain Techniques

In addition to the “Interventional Pain Training Program”, we offer a continuing education program in the latest pain techniques and procedures.

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Differential Target Multiplexed Therapy. A solution for back pain

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